About Fronhofer Tool

CNC Machine, Precision Machining, Turning, Milling & Waterjet Machining Shop in New York

In 1980, in the basement of his home, Paul Fronhofer started machining and doing business as Fronhofer Tool Company.

Fronhofer Tool Company is a machine shop (job shop) that specializes in the machining, manufacturing and fabricating of everything from small stainless steel electrical boxes to very large mixing vessels. Products can be made to customer specifications or through our in-house engineering and design. Products are sold both domestic and internationally to a variety businesses, largely to the paper making industry.

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"Success in business is no different than success in any other aspect of life. Whether it's sports, family, career or community, the ability to see opportunity and gain ground is no more important than the ability to give back after the fact. Life has a balance and it's important that we all do our part to maintain it."

Paul Fronhofer- owner

Three generations of machinists
First Generation - Leonard Fronhofer III
Born in December of 1924, the son of two German immigrants, Leonard Fronhofer the III learned early that his interests were not in the bakery business that his father owned, but more in the mechanical field. By the time Leonard was a young teenager he had a collection of early model Fords. Repairing and rebuilding them became second nature and at times his collection of vehicles exceeded half a dozen and he kept them all in good running condition.

At the age of 14 or 15 he decided to build a tractor and using parts from model A’s and model T’s, his project began. Starting in the front he powered it with a Model A engine. After that came two Model A dump truck transmissions and a model T differential (worm gear type) in the rear. He made chains for the tires from used parts donated to him and cut angle iron pieces to bolt on to them for added traction. All this was done with very basic tools including a vise, a drill, and a hacksaw. Many hours went into the project but soon it came to a halt. He needed a metal lathe and had to purchase tires, which probably would have stopped the project had it not been for the good will of the school shop teacher. He let my father use their metal lathe and found a garage that would donate tires for his tractor. It was never my dads idea but the shop teacher took a real interest in the project and had the class paint it, even talked him into entering it at the Trenton Fair in New Jersey; my dad was only 15 or 16 at the time and won first prize. Perhaps being introduced to the use of that lathe and the interest that teacher took in my dad’s project are to be credited for the following three generations of machinists. Leonard went on to complete his apprenticeship and started his own small machine shop, which did repairs for local farmers.

Second Generation
Paul Fronhofer - Fronhofer Tool Company Inc.
Carl Fronhofer & Socrates Fronhofer - BDP Industries (Belt Dewatering Press)
Van Fronhofer - Val Industries

Third Generation
Paul Fronhofer II - Fronhofer Tool Company Inc.
Kyle Fronhofer - Fronhofer Tool Company Inc.