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CNC Machine, Precision Machining, Turning, Milling & Waterjet Machining Shop in New York

Fronhofer Tool is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications at any time from qualified potential employees.

General Job Description

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Position Descriptions
  • CNC Machinist - The qualifications are the same as that of the conventional machinist but related to cnc machines, with full knowledge of and the ability to program using G code.

    BOCES or college education and/or job site training and experience equivalent to 3 years experience preferred. Must be able to program, set up, and run CNC machines.

  • Conventional Machinist - Must have experience and expertise in reading prints, geometric tolerancing, have good knowledge in the use of all conventional machine shop equipment and own tools.

    BOCES or college education and/or job site training and experience equivalent to 3 years experience preferred.

  • Operations Manager

  • CNC Engineer

  • Office Manager

  • Shop Supervisor

  • Inspector - Must be able to use all measuring tools including CMM. Applicant must be able to work in a neat and organized manner.

  • Welder

  • Interns - Each year since 1996 Fronhofer Tool has employed a varying number of interns. Workload and credits per semester are different for each intern. Most attending school full-time work a minimum of 35 hours per week during the semester with work hours increasing to 40 during breaks. Interns receive full employee benefits while attending school.

    Fronhofer Tool will pay full tuition (variation depending on grade) for machine trade coursework whether it is for a degree or an advancement of their skills. Interns enrolled full-time and receiving paid tuition will be asked to agree to some employment terms. Current employees must receive approval prior to registering for coursework.

General Job Description

Fronhofer Tool is a small job shop that is open up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, depending on project schedules. Due to company size and timetables your position may not be restricted to your job description. Flexibility in tasks and work hours are necessary. The average work week is 40 hours with overtime available depending on shop projects and your skill level.

The shop prides itself in the pleasant work environment. The shop is clean and bright with no smoking or cursing allowed. The area is scenic for lunchtime breaks and there are gym facilities, including exercise equipment and volleyball court available.

Employees receive 75% medical health coverage with a prescription plan, dental reimbursement and one week of paid maternity leave. After probation two personal days a year are available.

After one year of employment employees receive 1 week paid vacation, 3 years receives 2 weeks, and 5 years receives 3 weeks. Vacation is accrual with potential for more with overtime. There are 7 paid holidays per year.

An employer matching retirement IRA is available.

All approved job-related education is paid in full.

A tool account with payments withdrawn from payroll is also available.

These policies are general descriptions subject to change at any time and may not apply to or be available to all employees.