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Helmel Coordinate Measuring Machine
Microstar 530-252 Manual

Travel: 30” x 50” x 25”
Resolution: .00002”
Repeatability: .0002”
Linear Accuracy: .00024” +.000008”/in

The purpose of the CMM is to provide consistent, accurate measurements covering a wide size range from medium to large. This versatile machine uses top of the line Geomet software, which provide comprehensive geometric measuring capabilities through an efficient, keyboard based user interface.

Other Inspection Equipment

Height Gages to 18”
Micrometers 0” to 36”
Vernier Calipers to 50-1/2”
Granite Inspection Table 30” x 120”
Digital Surface Finish Gages
ASME Certified Gage Blocks
Optical Comparator
Bore Gages
Numerous miscellaneous equipment