Fronhofer Tool Services

CNC Machine, Precision Machining, Turning, Milling & Waterjet Machining Shop in New York

Fronhofer Tool Company is a machine shop (job shop) that specializes in the machining, manufacturing and fabricating of everything from small stainless steel electrical boxes to very large mixing vessels. Products can be made to customer specifications or through our in-house engineering and design. Products are sold both domestic and internationally to a variety businesses in any industry.

Fronhofer Tool can provide services from design and engineering through to the logistics for delivery of a product.


Quotes can be faxed, e-mailed, posted or telephoned to Fronhofer Tool. Prints via email should be in an AutoCAD ".dwg" or ".dxf" format.

We have established shop rates for various types of jobs and equipment which generally allows for a quick turnaround for quoting. In regard to waterjet cutting work, we can run a simulation to estimate the costs.

If you currently do not have a prototype and/or a print we would be happy to work with you in engineering a solution to your needs.

Please send us your requirement, we would like to quote on any size any quantity.

Send your RFQ to:

518-692-2450 - Fax